What is Counselling and is it right for me?

Counselling and Life Coaching can be of great benefit to those seeking support to change and develop themselves or their lives be it for personal or professional reasons.

Premier Counselling offers a safe, confidential, non-judgemental environment for somebody to express thoughts and feelings that they aren't able to otherwise. This may be because the issue feels too overwhelming for them, or because a person's usual sources of support (Friends, Family etc.) aren't appropriate.

It is also common for people to contact Premier Counselling without an understanding of what the issue is. Simply, they have had a feeling that "things haven't been right" for some time and are seeking some clarity in order to address this.

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We understand that counselling may be an entirely new and daunting concept for many people contacting us for the first time. For this reason, every person is offered an initial FREE, no obligation session, to see if the services of Premier Counselling will be of benefit to them.

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